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⌈Mnemosyne Quintess⌋ [userpic]

Shinobu was venturing outside for the first time in two days. She'd already gotten some money from her parents and had a set list of items she wanted to buy. First there was that book, then there was some fabric that she hadn't been so sure about buying the first time she saw it but now she was, and then she'd pick up some more of that juice she liked. Right now she was in the book store, taking her time about finding what she was looking for. The bag she held contained not only her wallet but one of her dolls that she'd brought. Today it was Kiku, since the fabric might be used to make her a new dress.

For clothing Shinobu chose to go simple; a red plaid skirt, black tights, white rocking horse shoes, a white short sleeved blouse with a black cardigan over it and a tie that matched the skirt. She'd chosen not to wear a wig and opted for a red alice bow.

[[ooc; testing out Shinobu-muse~!]]


On a street in a certain city is a candy shop. It is of moderate size with a heavy flow of customers. The front window is garishly decorated with various posters advertising soda pop, various candies, and the current discount of chocolate. This discount can be deduced to be the reason for the mass amount of business. Low shelves are chockablock full of boxes of sugary products. If one hates sweets, this is definitely not the store for them.
One customer who enters is a little odd, but not too much so. She wears a pink and orange cheer leading outfit, puffy scrunchies keeping her blonde hair in pigtails but these are covered by her pompoms, which are stuck in the pigtails--darker colored sneakers and striped knee-high socks adorn her feet. The one majorly off thing about this cheerleader is the gigantic canvas camping backpack on her back. As she pushes open the door, she announces in a loud voice, "I will rid you all of the risk of being fat! Too much candy is bad!"
And with that loud proclamation, the female runs hurriedly about the store, scooping candies off the shelves and throwing them over her head into the bag on her back. This bag is huge, and could probably fit most of the store's contents in it. The shelves behind her as she goes are empty, and some items lay in the aisles.

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θεά [userpic]

In the middle of somewhere, there lies a very large library. It seems to be at least ten stories tall, with towering shelves and stacks of books everywhere, making it seem almost like a maze to the untrained explorer. Scatter among these shelves are little groups of tables, like any library, and there's even a check-out desk near the front. It seems like a normal library for all purposes except for one key difference: there's nobody there. Except for the characters interacting below, there are no other people in this library. But hey, who cares. There are enough books to last a lifetime and then some.

Somewhere within the shelves of the first floor, Gokudera stands engrossed in some thick volume of a difficult looking series of books that must be terribly boring to the average person. His hair is currently pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes are covered by his reading glasses and are fixed intently on the text within the book. Uri, his small cat, plays around with some invisible dust ball on the ground. Neither seem to care much that they don't know where they are, nor that they haven't seen any people thus far.

θεά [userpic]

A lovely list of all my characters. Yay~ There won't be any character journals commenting, because I don't have any that I keep track of, so all my characters will be under the cut. Canon characters will be in the format of series||name||version and OC will be listed in a similar fomat until I can get some basic profiles up and going. When I say version, that basically means where I took the character from or whatever. Like, say if I had Len, as in the playboy. It'd be listed as Vocaloid||Len||Spice!. OC's are in the format of seriesatfault||name||age and then a description below (Ex: Naruto||Super N00b Uchiha||12) with visuals listed below in the format haircolor||eyecolor||gender.

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Angelica [userpic]

It was kind of a last minute thing so she wasn't sure if any of the other girls could make it. She'd made up invitations for each one the week before, with scissors that barely cut and some stickers she'd been given ages ago, little cards to inform her friends of this event. There was a nice outdoor area, in front of the dorms that she had decided would be a good spot for their tea party and Marco had actually provided her with a cake for the party. The tea party wasn't to celebrate anything but was instead a nice break for everyone. Angelica had wanted to have it in one of the rooms, like they usually did, but the weather was too nice to stay indoors. Especially since everyone had already spent most of the day inside. She found a spot clear of branches and spread the blanket she'd brought, a light pink one that she hoped would clean well, on the ground and set the basket down on it. With that bit of effort expended she felt that preparations for the tea party were complete, everything was in the basket and she could take things out when the other girls arrived.

[[ooc: Angelica's set up in a small park and doesn't realize where she is, anyone's welcome to come by.]]

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kidalanna [userpic]

Hey~ Kidalanna's here. One can call me Kidalanna or what they wish to call me. Though, 'kida' is a little silly to try and address me with, for obvious reasons.

*My characters who are equipped with journals will be in the comments
*However, those who have no journals are in the cut thing

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Call me what you know me by, and if you don't have a name for me yet use 'mnemosyne' or 'kidalana'. :3
★ Characters with journals are in the comments.
★ Characters without journals will be under the knife cut.

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